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Featured Publications Update

What’s happening everyone? It was a crazy Christmas / New Years over here but I have been lucky enough to feature in some amazing publications and I wanted to give them each a shout out. 1. Globe Unemployable             This book is absolutely stunning. Outside of the incredible launch party … Continue reading


Custom Pacman Air Force 1

Everyone loves Pacman right? These customs are pretty straight forward, they are an interpretation of the famous Pacman level map on an Air Force 1. The heels of each shoe feature Pacman himself and the side of each toebox features one of each of the 4 Ghosts.   Personally I couldn’t be happier with how … Continue reading


Pork Russel almost all gone

Hi guys, I have had a few emails about people looking for Pork Russel and we still have a few left in the webstore. Our production run was only 30 units and once they are gone they will be gone forever. If you are after one please hit up the Sekure D Webstore HERE Cheers!


Colossus Air Force 1

I was excited to see Colossus included in the new Deadpool movie and found the time to create him an Air Force 1 custom in the X-Men series I have just wrapped up. The features with Colossus are pretty straight forward. I used my robot arm pattern to represent his chrome body and then th … Continue reading

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