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Lacing it Up – A show about all things sneakers

What’s happening guys? This is a secret project I have been working on that we are finally ready to share with you. I am really excited for everyone to see ‘Lacing it Up‘, a new show about all things sneakers. The show features myself, Matt (Kickz101) and my mate Creeky and we analyse all things … Continue reading


Sekure D Podcast – Episode 2

Podomatic for mobiles   iTunes Link What’s happening everyone? We are back with the second episode, my mate Lawrie from Globe joins me again and this week is a little different. In this episode we discuss a listener suggested topic ‘Worst collaborations of 2014′ and end it with a bit of a battle segment, this week it’s, Jordan Brand … Continue reading


Kidrobot Mega MUNNY custom Fagalarama

It has been a little while since I did a custom Mega MUNNY but they are always a lot of fun. They take a long time and I feel like they become part of the furniture in the studio before they are finished. Well, I sent this big bad boy off today so it was … Continue reading


Custom ‘Codename Mickiv’ Vinyl Figure

It is always fun to work on vinyl toys, especially when its on one that you haven’t worked on before. This figure is called Mickiv and was designed by Arkiv Vilmansa and stands 8″ tall and there was a production run of only 200. I was recently sent one to paint and was allowed free … Continue reading

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