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Codename Unknown is Back!

I know I know, there hasn’t been a lot of toy stuff posted lately, well, stay tuned for some huge announcements in the near future but until then my Codename Unknown style has taken over another Kidrobot Mascot. This bad boy has been made as a commission for a fantastic collector and really features many … Continue reading


Sekure D Podcast Ep 14 – Paul Nguyen II

You asked for it, and it has happened! Paul Nguyen is back and this episode was crazy fun, I listened to it back before uploading and laughed again quite a few times. F bombs fly, plenty of laughs are had and we chat about the Yeezy 350 Boost, Harden leaving Nike, Paul going to Japan … Continue reading


Periscope custom class, join in!

What’s happening guys? I recently signed up to¬†Periscope and am going to be running a custom class this coming Tuesday (Monday for my friends in the USA) about the custom sneaker basics and how to get started. I get 100s of emails a month and thought this would be a great way to show you … Continue reading


Baymax Air Jordan VI

Everyones favorite health care companion¬†now has a 6 pair run of custom Air Jordans. Creating these customs was a lot of fun, I saw Big Hero 6 at the cinema and really enjoyed it so when it came time to make this run I was really excited. The design is similar to that of the … Continue reading

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