I’m coming to America, dates and product previews

American tour product preview

Hi everyone! After many years of wanting to visit I have finally managed to coordinate my first tour of the United States!!! It has taken a lot of effort and at very short notice but I will be spending most of October and November this year in the USA. I will be travelling around to different Cons and doing different appearances so make sure you stop by to say hello if you are close. I will be visiting Austin, NYC, DC, Boston, Chicago, LA, San Fran and Portland!

American tour product preview
American tour product preview

In only a few weeks I have managed to put together a variety of customs for different appearances, the first two of which I am happy to announce now. I will be at New York Comic Con October 11-14, booth details to come, and I will also be at Designer Con on November 3rd in LA at the SpankyStokes table! I am really excited for both events, I experienced my first Con earlier in the year and NYCC is like the Melbourne event on steroids and from all reports DCON is a really rad day. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get to check out everything America has to offer! Stay in touch for more updates and event details, some big news to come in the following weeks!!

Also if you want to coordinate something with me while I am in town please contact me via the contact page on my website here.

American tour product preview
American tour product preview

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