Kid Toxic Crusader for Vinyl Thoughts 3

Kid Toxic Crusader

The madness will not be slowing down any time soon and just 1 day after launching Kid Barnacle online the Vinyl Thoughts 3 show that I am a part of leaked my Kid Toxic Avenger as a teaser for this weeks event! The Toxic Avenger/Crusader was a personal favourite cartoon of mine as a child and I took his action figure absolutely everywhere with me. I still have the figure to this day all beaten up and worn out but he is still standing strong in my studio! This event is set to be awesome with a crazy lineup of artists, with my travel plans I miss the show by only 2 weeks, pretty shattered, but regardless it will be insane!

Vinyl Thoughts 3” is a one-night event on September 13th, 2012 from 7-11PM atLife in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor St., Dallas, Texas 75226.

Kid Toxic CrusaderKid Toxic Crusader

Kid Toxic Crusader

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