Bureau Magazine Issue 2 out now

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Issue two of the Melbourne based Bureau Magazine is now available and for this issue I decided to interview a few of the most prominant customizers on the scene and get their take on a pair of their favourite customs to explore the creative process.

First up is Sole Junkie. I first noticed him for his awesome portrait work and clean text but as he shows us with his Golden Eagles Air Force 1 Low that he is sick with many forms of detailed painting! Next up are the only customizers I have ever done a collaboration with, Diversitile. These guys not only take customs to the next level with crazy concepts like cookie scented Cookie Monster Dunks but with these Iron Man Dunks they even installed the light up chest panel. When you get a Diversitile custom you will get a good mixture of design and craftmanship, these guys always bring something original to the table. Finally is Desp1 and this guy does amazingly detailed and clean reconstructions. He takes the shoes completely apart and rebuilds them using premium materials with super clean colorways. Desp1 also paints but to me his recon work is what really stands out, not only is a shoe rebuilt but he also managed to build in a theme or concept for the design really helping him to stand out from the crowd!

What else is in this issue you ask? Well let me fill you in!

The second issue of the bureau magazine is the street issue. They explore objects, environment and weird shit that can be loosely collected under the ‘street’ cognomen. Inside this issue you’ll find

Graff vs Street Art… Neither or Both? – A massive multi-articled feature: Interviews with art collector, Andrew King, as well as two graffiti artists, articles by Andrew Imrie, and Sarah Ernst all explore the phenomena.
Bad Driving – Louis Porter spends a lot of his time walking around the streets of his adopted city, Melbourne, taking photos. A lot of them fit within a broader framework that he terms ‘small-scale urban conflict’. Bad Driving is a collection of some of these, with a particular focus on what happens after the cars and people have left the scene of an accident.
Train Nerd – loves trains, here he shows the bureau some of his favourite images, and gives a few words about why the great steel steeds interest him so much.
Right to Reply – Andrew Imrie and Hugh Horsfall duke it out over why people have kids, if they should, and how exactly puppies are euthanased.
Thirteen Thousand Lines – Artist/Architect Tristan Wong, Latin American influences, beautiful thick-ass paper, and a whole mess of different inks, pens and pencils.
Muzak – Atticus Bastow researched deep on this one, following along the ‘marginal cultural product’ theme (see Mockbusters in the first issue), the life and times of one of the oddest companies out there, and why they play that shit in elevators.
A Spotter’s Field Guide to Chairs in Their Natural Habitats – They look at chairs from waiting rooms and receptions – not sure why so many are grey though.
Beer – Reviewer Steve Lightfoot refused to participate in a review that he felt was unsustainable and not worth the carbon footprint– plus fuck foreign beers. So the bureau got some members of editor Matt’s beer tasting club to record a special ‘bureau’ meeting, for Californian IPAs, then their intern listened through 4 hours of drunken babble and transcribed it all.
Cinema – this issue the bureau tries to take a positive look at the worst films of all time.
The Chook – our story continues, but in this issue the format is little golden book-esque. Really good French-animation inspired images by Patrick Crawley.

Thats it! Support another local magazine and pick up your copy online or at a prominent local newsagency.

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