Battle of the Mascots 2: Old Vs New

Its going down! The Battle of the Mascots blind box battle is back for a second round and it is bigger than ever! This time we have 20 of the worlds best vinyl customizers doing battle for the title in what is set to be a crazy event! The warriors from battle one have joined forces to wage war against the onslaught of a new army and the line ups are stacked with talent! Team Old consists of myself, Don P, Commandante, Matcandraw, NikeJerk, Alex Break, Loz Hausofboz, Jfury, JC Rivera and Fuller. The new comers are Charles Rodriquez, Stuart Witter, Color Chemist, El Hooligan, Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jar, RunDMB, MaloApril and Nugglife.

After the success and quick sell out of the first blind box run myself and Don P spoke at length about a second series and with the injection of these new guys its really set to be something to look out for! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with so stay tuned for more release information! They will be dropping this November but until then here are some teasers to hold you over!

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