Cosentino Dunk High

Cosentino Dunk High

These Cosentino Dunk Highs are the newest creations out of my studio and the last thing that will be dropped until I am safely in America. I met Cosentino at the Melbourne Comic Con event and we have spent quite some time working on a design that represents his steam punk styling as well as my original Sekure D artwork.

Cosentino Dunk High
Cosentino Dunk Highal-1000

If you watch Australian television or are a fan of magic and illusions then there is a good chance you will know who Cosentino is. I first saw him on commercials for Australia’s Got Talent where I managed to catch a few of his amazing performances and more recently his insane TV special that aired on Channel 7. His career really seems to be going to the next level; I’m seeing his name everywhere and it was a great honour to make these for such a creative and kind hearted guy.

Cosentino Dunk High

A little about the design: These were a great challenge, I am a fan of the steampunk aesthetic but finding a way to represent that on a shoe and combining it with my style was pretty tricky. I decided to go with a copper, bronze, gold and an aluminium colorway. My signature robot arm pattern is on the lateral sides and they have been submerged in a green slime which is seeping out of the inner lining. To accompany this there has been damage done to the bronze panels exposing the aluminium underside, the damage was first woodburnt in to give it some extra depth. The logo was also tricky, as you can see there is a bunch of straight lines and two band colors, both of which in the Angelus world have poor opactity meaning they required 4+ coats so keeping them crisp took a lot of concentration and energy drinks. The major final touch was the cogs on the medial side to help tie in the steampunk aesthetic. I am stoked with how these turned out and what a good way to send me off to the USA! Check out some more pics below as well as some amazing performances by Cos! He has an upcoming tour of Australia so please check out the dates here and get the chance to see one of our most talented performers!

Cosentino Dunk High
Cosentino Dunk High

His final performance on Australias got Talent

This is crazy!

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