Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective @ National Gallery of Art

Today was an incredible day. I will not bore you all with a massive rant about all the things I have crammed into 2 days here in Washington DC but will focus on something specific! As you have probably guessed I am going to a tonne of exhibitions while I am over here and took the chance to go to the National Gallery of Art here in DC and its an amazing building! The collections are endless and the variety is awesome…

Upon my travels through the enormous halls I see a banner being erected for an upcoming Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective but it does not begin until the 14th! I was shattered, I am a big Lichtenstein fan and to be so close to his work and not be able to see it was a punch in the chest. I went to talk to the lady at the front desk about my position and in the looooong shot of a hope that there was a preview tonight or tomorrow morning I could somehow swindle my way into. After a discussion about my trip and travels she gave me a VIP Guest pass to the exhibition, I could go in!!!!!

The exhibition is just as amazing as you would have hoped and I had the surreal experience of seeing it all alone, with nobody else in the whole show, just me and a bunch of security guards, it was the absolute best! I know I said in a recent post that the Quay Brothers exhibition at MoMA is the best show I have ever seen however being in this environment and considering the circumstances this one is hard to beat.

To see pieces like Whaam, Brad and M-Maybe in person was the absolute best way I could have spent the majority of my afternoon and I urge anyone in DC while its on to go and see it! The other brilliant thing is that its free! This isn’t NYC, you don’t have to pay a minimum of $20 for everything you do! Way to go DC!

The exhibition runs at the National Gallery of Art, October 14, 2012–January 13, 2013

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