Sekure D X Ian ‘Nugglife’ Ziobrowski Smash Bros Dunny Series

Smash Bros Set

Everybody get ready because the big boys have come to play! Joining forces for the first of many Dunny series Ian ‘Nugglife’ Ziobrowski and I today bring you our Smash Bros set! A 6 piece one of a kind blind box release where we have taken 3 of the most iconic Mario Brothers characters and given them our own original spin! I used my ‘Codename Unknown’ style and clean lines to reinvent each of the main characters and Ian has used his quirky sinister tone and incredible painting technique to recreate them within his own artistic universe!


People may have seen a teaser for these at NYCC this past month but with Sandy crashing into New York setting Ian back we have been somewhat delayed in releasing these but they are now set to drop and we couldn’t be happier! Each blind box will be $100 and come with a custom box included! As mentioned earlier this is just the first of many series that the two of us will be working on together so strap in and wait for some more craziness soon!

Release date is this Wednesday Nov 14th at 12 noon.  These pieces will be available at located in the store.

Mario by Sekure D
Luigi by Sekure D
Wario by Sekure D
Mario by Ian
Luigi by Ian
Wario by Ian

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