New product drop! Beanies and Crews!

Hey guys! I have been working on this drop for quite some time now and am stoked I can finally show you all just in time for Christmas and the US Winter! It was only a matter of time before I put out new pieces of apparel and I didn’t want to do the first thing that pops into everyones mind which is tees so I went down a slightly different route! I have wanted to make beanies for quite some time and if you saw me during my recent trip the USA you would have seen me rocking the Classic Black or the Classic Grey just about everywhere I went! These are top quality beanies and they come in the Classic and Dimensions styles both of which have 4 colorways! The Classic will retail for $19.99 while the Dimensions beanie will be $24.99 and they will be available exclusively via the Sekure D Store tomorrow!

Classic Beanies
Dimensions Beanie

To accompany this release I decided to also make some crew neck jumpers. I brought back the classic Codename Unknown College Print as well as a tech fade logo print in a variety of colours  I have had a great response to the style of fade I have been painting on my customs lately and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring it to life. Hope you guys like what I have done and just to make it a little bit more special there is only 5 of each jumper available so they are truly limited! Make sure to head on over to and check for the release tomorrow as these colours will not get a second drop! For a close up view of each piece you may check my flickr otherwise the store on launch. Thanks everyone!

Sekure D Crews

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