A little SD for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and in the off chance you were looking for something a little different for Xmas I have a bunch of things all over the net that are still available. Here is a list of places where items can be found.

1. Clutter Magazine

Really? $55 Blind Boxes! Come one guys haha. These were made for the designer toy awards  and are one of my favorite blind box series so far and are almost half price of what I typically charge. From memory there is only 2 pieces left! Available HERE


Untitled 2


This is the first full size mascot I painted in my full Codename Unknown style, he is a greta piece and I think you really have to see him in person to appreciate his detail! I am hoping he will find a good safe home in someones collection soon! Available HERE


Kid Codename Unknown

2. Kid Toxic Crusader

Not to sound foolish but I am honestly surprised I still have this guy! When he came out I got a tonne of questions about him and then when he dropped at Vinyl Thoughts 3 in Dallas a couple of months back nobody picked him up! He is in transit back to me now and is $200 if anyone is keen please email me at info@SekureD.com

Kid Toxic Crusader

3. Sekure D x Ian ‘Nugglife’ Ziobrowski Smash Brothers Dunny Collab

This was a huge drop and I believe someone held onto 2 pieces in their cart forever on release and has now dropped them out so there is still 2 pieces available! $100 each! They also come with a custom box! Available HERE

Smash Bros Set

4. Apparel

I recently launched a tonne of new apparel products just in time for Christmas so if your awesome at life please check them out in the Sekure D Online Store now!

Dimensions Beanie
Sekure D Crews

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