Stop the McViolence 10″ McSuperSized

A little bit of blood on the hands and a black eye is ok in todays society right? I don’t want to get all preachy about this custom but I think many of you will be able to put the lineage of the idea together. I have wanted to make this custom for a long time but only had the chance once I got back from my tour of the USA.

Stop the Mcviolence
If you are unsure of what I was going for it doesn’t matter! The focus of the custom is still my Codename Unknown style and that was the point but I wanted to tie in the undertone of how I was feeling about the piece without making it all brutal or unnecessary which I am sure some people might argue the black eye alone is!

Stop the Mcviolence
Anyways thanks for checking him out,he is now available in my store, this is a full size 10″ McSuperSized and comes with free worldwide shipping which is expensive from Australia!


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