Dead Mario Mascot, X Bot and a custom Dude!

Codename Dead Mario

I love this custom! An awesome collector has been giving me some rad jobs lately but this one was definitely a challenge. He had a picture of the Super Mario Brothers video game cover graphic on a tee that had been essentially Kawsified with a skull face. I didn’t want to create a Kaws toy so changed the shape of the jaw a little and painted on the skull details so I could also incorporate my style and detailing. With the custom Hat, face, jaw, ears, tail and hands there is a lot going on with this one.

X Bot

This one is a 3″ Bot and I was allowed to just go at it with my own style, really was just a bunch of fun painting this guy and I redid the hand for a bit of humour. I am going to pursue some details I used on this down the line with later pieces.

Codename Dude

This is my first custom 3″ Dude and it was made for a cool upcoming Blind Box series! Plenty more customs coming this week so stay tuned!!

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