Self produced resin ‘Amorphous Blob’ figure

Amorphous Blob Resin self produced toy
I have wanted to make my own resin figures for quite some time and after a good chat with two of my very talented friends, Brotherford and F+ I decided to bite the bullet and jump in the deep end. Upon reflection it might have been wise to try a less complicated sculpt for my first toy but thats not generally how I do things! Ever since I made my first blob I knew I wanted to make a full series and this appeared to be the very best way. It has been a steep learning curve with a few bad pulls but these ones are near perfect and I am going to sell them in my store this week. I love having complete control over the creativity of my toys and there will be many many more resin pieces to come!

As a one time promotion they will be only $50USD shipped which will be quite a bit lower than typical because to be completely honest they are not perfect, but what amorphous blob is right? Thanks to everyone who hit me up on my instagram and said they wanted one even though they are not 100% and have a few imperfections, I hope you manage to score one!

Amorphous Blob Resin self produced toy

Release Information:

Where: Sekure D Online Store

New York: 4pm Thursday 21st Feb
Melbourne: 8am Friday 22nd Feb

Height: 3.5inches

Quantity Available: 3

Shipping cost: Included

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