Nike ‘Mister Outlaw’ Dunk High

'Mister Outlaw' Dunk High

It has been a little while since I dropped a pair of sneakers that wasn’t a part of my Watchmen series, especially with all the toy orders I have been receiving but I am stoked with these Dunks. They were a commission for a DJ by the name of Mister Outlaw out of Dubai. The design brief was to create a sneaker that had a graffiti feel but was still classy and clean. We came up with this almost black and white colorway combined with gold accents, I used a few of my different graffiti patterns and his logo on the lateral heel to finish them off. I love how this colorway turned out as well as the graphics, you cannot ever underestimate the impact of decent color blocking! Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do!

'Mister Outlaw' Dunk High
'Mister Outlaw' Dunk High
'Mister Outlaw' Dunk High

2 Responses to “Nike ‘Mister Outlaw’ Dunk High”
  1. Bleepbloopblop says:

    Where can I buy them???

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