Codename Blanka for ‘Game On’ exhibition at 1AM gallery


Some exciting news! I am the newest part of the 1AM custom squad and have been invited to participate in their upcoming ‘Game On’ exhibition featuring characters from our favourite video games. After racking my brain trying to come up with an idea that nobody else in the show would do, we wouldn’t want an entire show of just Mario Brothers pieces or Sonic the Hedgehogs I narrowed my list down to Earthworm Jim and the guy I always played with in Street Fighter 1, Blanka! After looking and my Blanks, excuse the pun, I put together pieces of different MUNNYWORLD characters to best fit Blanka and then got my sculpting on!

Codename Blanka

I am stoked with how this guy came out, its my Codename Unknown interpretation of the character I always used to ruin peoples day with in the arcades around Melbourne! Codename Blanka stands 6″ tall and the show begins this March 22nd so please get on down if your in San Francisco and check him out in person!

Codename Blanka

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