Meeting Dave Gibbons and the commission of all commissions!

IMG 1918

So this is going to be a total fanboy post but we are all fans of someone right? Well I won’t rant too much but I am obviously a huge Watchmen fan and I met Dave Gibbons briefly on my tour of the USA at NYCC. Well fast forward to yesterday and I got to meet him again at Supanova here in Melbourne. I was able to lock in a commission this time which is like owning a piece of one of my dreams. I asked for an image of Rorschach picking up the Comedians badge off the sidewalk, an iconic image from the comic and the event that kicked the whole book into motion. Dave said he was really excited to draw this image and had a blast doing it as it was from a perspective that he had never drawn it before which made it very refreshing for him. This is not the best photo I will try get a scan at a later date, it is A3 in size and will be framed up on my wall in my studio shortly.

IMG 1912

IMG 1909

IMG 1911

I was also able to get a swag of my personal Watchmen stuff signed, I didn’t want to be a pest and take in everything I own, it would give the guy RSI but I did take a few of my favorites as well as this photo from when I met him at NYCC. Dave cracked a joke when signing it “Nice to see you back”, pretty classic, the reason I have my shirt half off in the photograph is because I have a Watchmen inspired tattoo on my shoulder. Also signed above is my Absolute Watchmen and my Matty Collector Rorschach toy which surprisingly Dave had never seen in person, it was rad to be able to show it to him!
IMG 1908

Finally I showed Dave my Ozymandias customs and a friend took down his Rorschach pair to show him and get signed. I wasn’t sure if he would sign them since it wasn’t his art but to quote him “These shoes are a work of art”, a compliment I will not soon forget. Overall it was a great event, I had a lot of fun and as you can imagine am besides myself with excitement at my new pickup as well as having the man himself see and compliment my sneakers! This makes two of my personal comic book idols saying they love what I do, it makes the long hours easier I will tell you that!

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