Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High

Myself and Cosentino

Cosentino recently hit me up to create him a second pair of customs and once again he came to me with a great concept. Cos recently did a collaboration with Bicycle who are maybe the most famous card company in the world and have been producing cards since 1885, the concept for these sneakers was to represent the feeling of a deck of cards on a Nike Dunk. The challenge here was that one, I didn’t want to resort to just painting cards on a shoe as that’s lazy and has been done and secondly there is obviously a large amount of white space on a card, and for anyone who designs sneakers you will know that white often translates to empty even where it is an intentional choice of colour.

Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High
Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk Higheral
Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High
Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High
Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High

After many hours of brainstorming the concept came to me, I split the shoe into two halves much like the Scarface or Halloween Air Force Ones only a lot less obviously. The lateral sides were dedicated to the red suits while the medials were then dedicated to the black suits with each pip being placed at the front of the shoe. The blue and gold is a tie in to the original packets for the decks but the hardest part in executing this design was the heel panel, each pattern represents the outfit of the King in that suit. Finally the original Bicycle logo and Cosentino logos were placed on the heels of the sneaker and the white panels were broken up with a monotone Carnage print.

Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High
Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High
Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High

To compliment the shoes and make them fit into Cosentinos amazing magic museum that he has in his warehouse I also made a wooden display box with foam inserts as a surprise. I couldn’t be happier with how these came out especially since they were such a design challenge for me.

Thanks for checking out the new shoes and reading the post, I have lots of new work to post up and I appreciate you taking the time to stop in!

4 thoughts on “Sekure D x Cosentino Dunk High

  1. Are you going to release these dunks? Please lmk

    1. Hi mate, these won’t be released because they were a personal order for Cos and well they took a very long time to create. I do take orders for original customs though hit me up at

  2. Outstanding! And as always, incredible line work!

  3. hey sekure d can you make me a pair of custom made kiks i am willing to pay a lot and just wondering if you can make them unique for just me?

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