New Dunnys and Mascots

Here is a few new commission pieces, I am crazy busy at the moment with some projects I can’t wait to tell you about as well as preparing for OZ Comic Con. Hope you like them and keep dropping in for a bunch more updates, this next month is going to be full on.

Codename Coral Bot
Constructed from the underwater boneyard of discarded and obsolete Codename Unknown parts comes a new squadron of Allegiance members. This coral bot will soon be receiving a whole range of backup so stay tuned!
Codename Coral Bot

Kid Homer Radioactive Man
Kid Homer Radioactive Man

Graffiti Ninja
Graffiti Ninja
Codename Triplets
Codename Triplet 1
Codename Triplet 2
Codename Triplet 3

I am working on a large body of work for my appearance at Comic Con and will be happy to pre-sell items, if anyone is interested or wants a commission hit me up.

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