OzComicCon Melbourne print leak 1

Hey guys! OzComicCon is on July 6th and 7th in Melbourne and I have produced 7 prints just for the event. This will be my first major print release and I am excited to show you the first 4 today. I can be found in Artist Alley with a range of new custom vinyl, custom sneakers, original artwork and prints so if people are in town swing by, it will be a great event! I will also have a few giveaways that I will release information on via my Instagram (Sekure_D) and MY FACEBOOK PAGE in the coming days.

Custom Sneaker Print
Custom Sneaker Compilation 2008-2013
Codename CartmanCodename Professor Chaos
Codename Cartman                                      Codename Professor chaos

Codename Unknown Army 2012-13 Print
Codename Unknown Army 2012-13
(To enlarge the images just click on them)

The prints are produced on 300gsm card and only available from me directly at an A3 size (297mm x 420mm or for my American friends 11.7in x 16.5in). A small signed and numbered run will be available online through my website after the con for internationals and people who were not able to make it down to the show.

More leaks coming soon!

Very best regards


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