Print release info and a quick OzComicCon wrapup


A limited online run of 25 signed and numbered prints for each release will soon be available on This is a one off release of these prints and an exclusive to my site, they will be $20 each and are printed in A3 size on 300GSM stock. If you have missed them earlier here is a recap of what is available.

Custom Sneaker Print
Codename Unknown Army 2012-13 Print
Simpsons SprawlDespicable Me Too
Codename ClawCodename CartmanCodename Professor Chaos
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to hit me up, for purchases of more than 1 print there is no additional shipping charges.

OzComicCon, A Quick Recap

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First of all thank you to everyone who came to visit over the weekend,  the turnout was awesome and it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of people. The event was a blast, its a very long day for exhibitors, 12+hours each day Saturday and Sunday but seeing everyone dressed up and the enthusiasm from passing people for the artwork more than makes it worthwhile. I have a bit of a photo recap going on here so I will not ramble, here are a few of my favorite costumes that passed by my booth.

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