Evangelion Air Force 1

Evangelion Air Force 1

This ‘Eva 1’ Evangelion themed Air Force 1 is a commissioned one of a kind and was a real challenge to design. Even though I love robots and painting my robot arm patterns this really was quite the creative task. Much like my Watchmen series, which is drawing to an end, the fan base for Evangelion I think it’s fair to say is incredibly dedicated and passionate so I wanted to make sure I paid ode to ‘Eva 1’ without making it corny or trying to fit in too much detail.

Evangelion Air Force 1

The throwbacks on the shoe should be pretty obvious to any fan of the series or movies and as an added extra they also glow in the dark! The panel work was done specifically to represent parts of Eva1 and the Type A on the heel tab plus the shoulder logo on the heel I feel tie it all together nicely. Hope you all like them and don’t forget I do take commissions so if you want your own customs hit me up at info@SekureD.com and until then, enjoy the rest of the images!

Evangelion Air Force 1
Evangelion Air Force 1
Evangelion Air Force 1
Evangelion Air Force 1

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