Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V

Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V

It finally happened! This is only my second collaboration on a sneaker with another customizer, the right situation for both parties rarely ever presents itself but when Jake (JBF Customs) asked me it was perfect timing and on a Cobra Commander theme I couldn’t say no too. I recently finished a pair GI Joe AF1s so I knew we had to make it happen.

Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V

Jake was more or less the creative director on the job as the pair is for a customer of his and I just did my thing on the panels we decided fit best. The robot arm print came out sick on the metallic blue and the drop shadow gives it a really nice sense of depth. It was quite a bit harder than usual painting these arms, the fact Jake only sent me the pieces of leather after he deconstructed the shoe was a huge advantage but with a metallic like this is requires about 7 coats before it looks solid and the red highlight required 3 itself. Even with all the coats of paint I made sure they were thin enough to last which my collaborator can attest to because he actually tried to scratch of the paint to see how my work lasted lol. To add a bit of contrast we decided to do my asphalt effect on the mid panel and incorporate a little touch of the metallic blue to help tie the shoe together.

Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V

After that I was pretty much done and sent my pieces back to Jake and he went to town and did what he does best. The snake skin looks as amazing as ever but the tricky part here was the choice of material and color on the toebox, the black suede looks sick and really helps pull the shoe together and when paired with the black inside, its pretty crazy.

I know these are a bit crazy but I hope you like them as much as we do and hopefully Jake and I can find a way to work on a few more projects again in the future. It was great working with someone whose career you have seen evolve from their first pair to the success he is now deserving receiving.
Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V
Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V

1 thought on “Sekure D x JBF Cobra Commander Jordan V

  1. Would like a pair. When do they come out and how do I get them

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