Air Jordan Mech V

Air Jordan Mech V

Another crazy custom today, these Jordan Vs are my latest and have been made for a great customer who ordered 3 pairs and pretty much let me go for it with the 1 prerequisite of using some of the Tiffany color in the design somewhere. The first shoe in the series was the Tiffiti Jordan IV.
Air Jordan Mech V
I view customs different to most, I know my designs are pretty crazy but I try to bring a bit more art and originality to customs than generic or plain reinvention of existing themes and colorways. I know that sometimes that can mean that the shoes I make are pretty full on but at least your getting bang for your buck right? I broke a few rules of mine with these, I defied standard panel convention and merged the front toe panel and toebox into a single panel with the light grey robot arms. I then reset the robot arm pattern on the mid panel with a middle grey which I think created a nice contrast.
Air Jordan Mech V
I went a little bananas on the heel, I use this asphalt pattern a lot on my vinyl toys, examples here and here. I merged the heel panels to give the shoe more of a 3 panel construction aesthetic kind of like the Pegasus 30 and went in on the asphalt in tonal greens and tiffany. The juxtaposition of the chaotic asphalt print mixed with the clean lines of the robot arms takes a bit of getting used to but after having them on my desk for a week I convinced myself it was the business, sometimes you just have to take a risk on how its going to look. To finish them off I added a 23 in a third tone of grey, this time the darkest to continue the scale through the front of the design and a slight black drop shadow outline.
Air Jordan Mech V
I am happy with how these turned out, I know they won’t be everyones cup of tea but for what its worth they were a big success at the Sneaker Freaker Swapmeet the other weekend. You can’t make everyone happy with every design but thats the cool thing about making customs, I get another chance to give it a crack tomorrow on a new pair.

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