Air ‘Smash’ Jordan V

Air 'Smash' Jordan V

The character these are dedicated to should be pretty obvious, if the green muscles doesn’t give it away the purple at the back just might. These were a bunch of fun, being able to break out my painting skills rather than just focusing on straight lines on a shoe is a refreshing change and I definitely got the chance to do that on these with all the tones and shading in the muscle fibers.

Air 'Smash' Jordan V

We all know this big guy likes to smash things so I added a broken up wall on the mid panel, this also breaks up all the green and purple and adds something a little different to the overall design. Finally the rips in the purple expose more muscle and that pretty much wraps it up! O, I also painted the midsole feature green, this helps tie everything together and how nice do those laces match hey?

Thanks for looking everyone and if you ever want to order a commission shoe please hit me up at the contact page on my blog or website.

Air 'Smash' Jordan V
Air 'Smash' Jordan V

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