Bacon Air Jordan V

Bacon Air Jordan V

I have always wanted a pair of Bacon Air Max 90s by DQM but they have eluded me since 2002 I think it was. I would say they are a sinch for my top 10 90s ever and since I had a spare Fire Red Jordan V hanging around I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to paint up a Bacon Jordan, everyone loves Bacon right? I didn’t want to do an exact copy but it is pretty close and I also thought it would be a good chance to try this adhesion advancer everyone is claiming works a treat on plastics. I used it to base the middle panels of the V as well as the lace loops and in between Angelus layers added a matte coat of varnish to ensure I was giving it all the protection possible.

Bacon Air Jordan V
Bacon Air Jordan V

These are not a crazy detailed custom but more something simple that made me happy to make. These are for me but if you would like a 10US hit me up and I might be able to make it happen!
Thanks guys

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