Rasta Air Jordan IV

Rasta Jordan IV

Possibly in the spirit of the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado a customer hit me up to make him a pair of Rasta influenced custom IVs. After quite a few designs we decided to keep it simple on this one and do a nice solid colorway and I think the result really speaks for itself.

Rasta Jordan IV
Rasta Jordan IV

23 thoughts on “Rasta Air Jordan IV

  1. How can i get a pair of these??

      1. i need a pair of these where did u get these

  2. u can make another pair that I could buy?

  3. I need a pair please. ..how do I purchase them?

  4. hey man i so so so need this sneakers man i live in sydney australia theres any possibility u can send them to me?????n how do i do it…

  5. brother god bless u for this shoes man!!!!please replay when u can n we’ll set it up chat soon brother!!!juan

    1. Yep swing me an email mate or use the contact page. Cheers

  6. Where can i get 2 pair of them

  7. I nid a pair size 11.5

  8. Just looking for a price for the Rasta Jordan 4’s. Blessings!

    1. Hi mate, swing me an email via the contact page, cheers

  9. how can I get a pair of these shoes???????

  10. Was wondering if these could still be made. If so how much and hw long does it take?
    P.s. I’m born and raised in Colorado!

  11. Hello where can I get a pair of these trainers ?

  12. Man how much will it be if you make me the exact pair

  13. I would like to purchase a pair of these

  14. oooooooo wanna blow

  15. Where can I can buy these shoes at. I’m looking for between 10, 10.5 or size 11s I want to purchase these shoes asap for my Bob Marley outfit please and how much too.

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