On Safari Dunk Low SB Custom

On Safari Dunk SB
A new custom today with a pretty obvious theme. These On Safari custom Dunk Lows were a commission and have a lot of firsts on their panels. I have always avoided elephant print because it is so iconic and heavily used within the custom world but it seemed appropriate that was include it in this custom and as such it is on some of the smaller panels. I also had to mix a lot of original colors for this custom, I had not painted the Giraffe print before or the Tiger prints but I was really happy with how they came out, I think the Tiger Swoosh might actually be my favorite part of the shoe, paintbrush by the way, no airbrush.

On Safari Dunk SB

As a technical note for those of you who customize it is always difficult to paint a shoe with so much white and especially a white tongue/insides, it is imperative you keep the white pristine but when moving the shoe around and if you are like me putting your hands on the inside of the shoe to improve your balance and painting angles it can be very easy to accidentally get paint where you don’t want it. Take your time and clean your hands often, maybe the most important tips when working on a Dunk like this.
On Safari Dunk SB
On Safari Dunk SB

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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate the support!

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