S Rogers Air Jordan VI

S Rogers AJ VI
What’s happening everyone? I got a new custom fresh out of the studio, this Air Jordan VI is a commissioned piece with a Captain America theme. I tried to incorporate as many of Captain Americas important elements as possible without compromising the design and making it look childish or like the sneaker had stickers on it. Obviously this is the recent Air Jordan VI retro and for the sake of durability I decided to merely speckle the midsole instead of completely repainting it which could provide future problems with wear and cracking paint. This in turn means there is an additional shade of red/pink on the shoe than would be ideally desired however with the speckle I feel as if it works well.
S Rogers AJ VI
The shields on the back were also quite a challenge to paint, painting perfect symmetrical circles over the heel of a shoe is quite the nightmare but once it was finished it was definitely worth the time. Overall I am really happy with how these have come out and I think they will look awesome on foot.
S Rogers AJ VI
S Rogers AJ VI

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