Codename Unknown Coral Squardon

Codename Unknown Coral Squadron for Collect and Display

You may have noticed it has been a long time since I made a series of 3″ customs, but the wait is over Dunny fans! I have teamed up with Collect and Display to make a very limited run of 5 pieces for their featured artist spot this month on their site. Be sure to get in quick as they wont hang around long!

The Codename Unknown Army simply cannot build new members quick enough to resist the impending doom being brought upon them by the Blobs. As a last resort they have constructed a new squad of fighters from the old parts previously discarded in their underwater bone yards, these members are the Codename Unknown Coral Squadron.

Custom Dunny Blind Box series. Each Dunny comes in custom packaged and sealed blind boxes by me. This series is limited to just 5 pieces and will be available from COLLECT AND DISPLAY at 8pm on the 28th of this month GMT.

Codename Unknown Coral Squadron for Collect and Display

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