Minion Dunk Low

Minion Dunk Low
Minion Dunk Low
It was only a matter of time before I put this design down on a different shoe! The Air Minion V is easily one of my most popular customs to date and also one of my most copied. Because of this I wanted to flip it up and put the design to good use on a different silhouette and I had a prepped pair of Dunks on my desk so they got the call up! With only a few design tweaks they came out really nicely I think and still strongly reflect the original V. These were not a commission I made them for fun and they are in a size 8US so if you are interested hit me up at and they can be yours!

In other Sekure D Minion related news I would love for someone to commission me to make a purple Minion custom from Despicable Me 2, if you are down for this also swing me an email and lets make it happen!
Minion Dunk Low
Minion Dunk Low

2 thoughts on “Minion Dunk Low

  1. How can i get this pair of minion dunk low? Thanks .. waiting for yo reply..:)

    1. I have a mens 8us available and if you want a different size we can do that, please email me at

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