Air ‘Smash 2″ Jordan V

Air 'Smash 2" Jordan V

Sequels seem to be all the fashion at the moment so when I got a commission for my Air ‘Smash’ customs I decided to flip it up and give it a new life. The main difference is obviously the structure, the Purple and the Wall themed panels have been switched giving me the opportunity to include a logo like design of Hulks fist smashing through the wall. Really happy with these and that muscle pattern comes out really nicely, its tricky painting it with a brush and not an airbrush but I have started to get the fades down nicely. The Hulk green Jumpman really helps to tie everything together nicely, if the tongue wasn’t already purple I definitely would have given him a pair of purple shorts.

Air 'Smash 2" Jordan V
Air 'Smash 2" Jordan V
Air 'Smash 2" Jordan V

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  1. […] of time! A few things came together to make this crazy custom happen. First of all was the recent Air Smash customs and the green muscle pattern on the toebox, second was the sell out of my Bacon Air Jordan V […]

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