Air Jordan III Symbiote Pack

Symbiote Pack

What’s happening everyone? I am back at it again and this time I have a whole pack to show you. The Air Jordan III Symbiote pack as you can tell I am sure is designed around Spidey and two of his most famous enemies. A great customer came to me with the idea of doing a whole set and after some back and forth about design we settled on these and I got to work. As a pack I couldn’t be happier with how they have turned out. I will talk a little about each after I post their images and go a little into the design.

I know it might appear as I have slowed down custom wise but this couldn’t be  further could be from the truth. I am actually working on some big exciting projects that are not yet allowed to see the light of day so definitely stay tuned for some big announcements, collabs and of course more new customs! Thanks everyone


Symbiote pack Carnage

First up is Carnage. Everyone knows Carnage is a bad ass and I wanted to give him a strong bold design to represent that. A number of years ago I did a few Carnage themed Dunks and that’s how I actually came up with the pattern I used on this shoe which I actually named after him. The cement print has also been highlighted red and Carnages face is boldly illustrated over the tongue panel. The heel tab has also been detailed in red and black, the front stitched dyed red and finally I added a red midsole speckle to tie it all together.

Symbiote pack Carnage
Symbiote pack Carnage
Symbiote pack Carnage


Symbiote Pack Venom

Everyone who loves Spiderman loves Venom so I had to make sure this was done right. Luckily my customer was able to get his hands on a DS pair of white Flips which made for the perfect base. The white upper was first dyed black to make sure the materials texture was retained and then painstakingly the cement print was filled in with chrome. A gradient Carnage print was added to the toe and heel panels which I really like as well as a slight midsole speckle to add a bit of extra detail. The Spiderman Web wraps around the back of the shoe and finally his logo sits boldly across the tongue. I don’t much like to pick favorite but if forced to this might just be it.

Symbiote Pack Venom

Symbiote Pack Venom
Symbiote Pack Venom

Symbiote Pack Spiderman
Last but definitely not least is of course Spiderman himself on a Fire Red base. I have been asked a few times in the past to make a Spiderman shoe but have avoided it because of just how heavily merchandised Spiderman is in the kids market. The challenge, especially with Spidermans color scheme, is to make sure the shoes do not look juvenile. One way this has been achieved by people in the past is by adding strong color gradients and shading with an Airbrush but since I like to do everything by hand with a brush or other instruments I had to come up with another plan. My solution was to use an artists sponge and chrome/greys to break up the web print upper to give it a bit more depth and tie it in with the inner lining. His chest logo was also done in a contrasting white and at the customers request Spideys mask was painted on the tongue. Maybe my favorite part of this custom is the cement print colorway, it wasnt easy turning it from black to red/blue but it definitely came out strong.

Symbiote Pack Spiderman
Symbiote Pack Spiderman

Symbiote Pack Spiderman


Thanks to everyone who has read through the post and checked out the shoes, make sure to keep dropping in there is plenty more to come!

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  1. Ricardo says:

    Where can I buy these?!

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