Spiderman Air Jordan VI

Spiderman Air Jordan VI

You might have seen teasers leading up to this release all over the net because of STGCC2014 but here they are, I have finished the Spiderman Air Jordan VI! Shortly before heading over to Singapore for the con I was invited to be a part of media day and because Humberto Ramos of Amazing Spiderman fame was also part of the panel I was asked to put something Spiderman together to bring along.

Spiderman Air Jordan VI
Spiderman Air Jordan VI

The difficulty putting something Spiderman related together is maturing the theme, Spiderman is so heavily merchandised in the kids realm that the tricky part of doing a Spider customĀ is definitely making it look adult. What I decided to do here was essentially implement my muscle print over the majority of the upper with his famous web pattern on all lower panels.

Spiderman Air Jordan VI

I got the idea because in Spidermans suit there actually isn’t all that much definition in the blue part of the costume except in the comics those panels are broken up with shading and muscle definition. Finally the tongue was also dyed red and the logo was added to the heel.

I have only made 1 pair of these as they were for display in Singapore and then brought home to Australia for me to finish. These were all painted by hand, no airbrush, about 6-7 different blues in the muscle print alone. They are a size 10 and release details are below.

Spiderman Air Jordan VI

Store: Sekure D Webstore
Size: 10US
Price: $725USD
Release time:
Singapore: 10am Tuesday 23rd September
Melbourne: 12pm Tuesday 23rd September
New York: 10pm Monday 22nd September

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