Galactus Air Jordan V


I have been working on these for a while and finally they are ready to be released on the world! My latest custom is based upon the Marvel comic character Galactus, the devourer of worlds. The custom is focused around the components of his character design while still staying true to the form of the shoe and its panels. I decided to use a mixture of regular flat and also metallic colors to break up the design and also pull in the character armor. The side and lace panels were painted chrome in reference to Silver Surfer and the iconic helmet silhouette was added to the heel to bring it all together.
Galactus Air Jordan V
Galactus Air Jordan V
I am definitely not a great photographer and the metallic in the pictures doesn’t quite pop in the pics like it does in person but they are absolutely killer in hand, what a cool and fun commission!

Galactus Air Jordan V
Galactus Air Jordan V

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  1. […] and colours captured my attention as a kid when I was reading comic books. I have previously made a Jordan V Galactus custom and today wrapped up an Air Max 1 pair also inspired by the character. The feature of this […]

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