Jurassic Park Sky Hi

Jurassic Park Sky High

I have said it once and I will say it again, the ladies need more customs and it was a pleasure finally working on a womens pair of sneakers again, it had been too long! This is a commission and a 1 of a kind Jurassic Park themed Sky Hi featuring the iconic imagery of the first movie. The shoe is wrapped in the Jeep decals, the heels feature the Jurassic Park logo, the T Rex skull is featured on the lateral side of each sneaker and finally the Swooshes are painted with a mixture of metallic and matte paint to shimmer and represent reptile skin.

Jurassic Park Sky High

The last time I made Jurassic Park sneakers they were one of the most popular designs I have made to date but I forgot just how hard it was to blend the yellow/green with a brush. On this pair the difficulty was doubled as the shoes had the alligator skin pattern meaning that even watering down the paint to try and fade it was difficult. We are huge Jurassic Park fans in this house, we even had the Pinball machine in the living room for a while so it was a lot of fun bringing this custom to life.

Jurassic Park Sky High
Jurassic Park Sky High

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