Custom ‘300’ Air Max 1

300 Air Max 1 custom

If you have been reading this blog or following my work for a while you are probably not at all surprised that I am a fan of the graphic novel ‘300’ by Frank Miller. I actually even have a signed copy which was purchased for my by my brother a few Christmases ago, but that’s besides the point.

300 Air Max 1 custom

I have been hanging to do a 300 custom for quite a while so when I finally got the tap to break one out I was really happy. The base shoe worked out perfectly, you will see quite a few Air Max 1 customs coming up and they are an awesome shoe to work on. Great panels to contrast colors and patterns and the quality of the leather on these was solid as well. The design is focused around the Spartans, their burgundy and gold colors, a Spartan helmet on the tongue tag and the famous 300 logo on the heel. These were made as a commission and as such are not currently available for purchase but if you would like a pair of 300 customs or another theme please hit me up with an email.

300 Air Max 1 custom
300 Air Max 1 custom

2 thoughts on “Custom ‘300’ Air Max 1

  1. Need the 300 air max in a size 11 or 11.5

    1. Hi mate please contact me via the contact page and we can work it out. Cheers

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