Codename Bulls Dunny Series

Codename Rose
It has been a while since I create a Dunny series that will be available online but I wanted to kick off 2015 with one, no messing around. Naturally I picked a basketball theme since I love Bball so much and decided to go with 5 of the most popular Chicago Bulls players to date. These bad boys will be sold blind boxed meaning you won’t know what player you get until it arrives but its fair to say with this lineup its hard to lose, I totally should have included an Olowokandi custom or something as a reverse golden ticket haha. Hope you guys like them, release details are below and they will be available exclusively though my webstore.

JAN 8th 8pm NYC time
JAN 9th 12pm Melbourne
JAN 9TH 9am Singapore
Codename Rodman
Codename Pippen
Codename Noah
Codename Jordan

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