Jurassic 90 Custom

Custom Sekure D Jurassic 90

With the new Jurassic World movie quickly approaching I received a commission to bring a part of the first movie back to life on an Air Max 90. The design is based around the Jurassic Park Explorer vehicle featured in the infamous T-Rex scene.

Custom Sekure D Jurassic 90

The upper features the Explorer green to yellow transition with red stripes and added to the design is a reptile skin swoosh and detailing on the mud guard. This reptile skin includes 4 different metallic colors so it shimmers in the sun like real skin. Finally the logo replaces the plastic heel detail on the back of each shoe.
I love this theme, I am a huge Jurassic Park fan, I still remember watching it in cinemas as a kid and am such a fan that for a few years we even had the official Jurassic Park pinball machine in the house. Hope you guys like the shoes as much as I do.
Custom Sekure D Jurassic 90
Custom Sekure D Jurassic 90

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