Custom Deathshead vinyl toy

The Deathshead vinyl toy is a seriously cool piece so when I was contacted by a mate Denver to create a groom custom for our mutual friend Luke and his wife Jacinta as a wedding present I was all about getting to work and bringing it to life. It was no easy task however, I drastically underestimated the amount of work required to customize one of these bad boys, that piping all over the figure takes a lifetime to paint cleanly and there is a lot of nooks and crannys in this figure that make it a tricky task to accomplish but I think the end result is pretty rad. He is suited and booted rocking a grey suit with Nike SB ‘Tiffany’ Dunks, a pair of shoes Luke will be rocking on wedding day.
April Bride (3)
My friend MaloApril created the bride custom and she knocked it out of the park with the rose and crystal detailing then the little floral type accents she used really give it a cool bride vibe. Below is the pair of them together and as you can see that’s one hell of a wedding present!


2 thoughts on “Custom Deathshead vinyl toy

  1. Hey man, sorry I missed you when you came past the store, I looked out for you at the swapmeet too?! We’ll hook up no doubt. Thank you for the gifts too, real nice and considerate of you.

    I love the work your doing, I’ve been a graphic designer/illustrator my entire working life and grew up drawing and customising/modelling and scratch building, etc since I can remember. I grew up in a model shop owned by my parents and I’ve never stopped buying toys. Love all that and fully identify with what you do, very very cool. Speak soon…

    1. All good mate! Definitely swing me an email, will drop in and visit again next time I am down that way, would be great to work on a project at some point together as well! The new clockwork decks are killer too btw!

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