Kidrobot Bots Blind Box series first leak

It has been a while coming but it had to happen. Everyone knows I love the Kidrobot Mascot and bots, I have every single one that has released and was the first to ever do a custom series on the platform. I managed to find some time to once again create a Blind Box series release for the Bots that will release later this week.

What is a blind box release you might ask? Well its quite simple, its the same format for which the toys themselves are sold, you purchase a unit without knowing exactly which you will receive, so you might get any of the 5 pieces. This enhances the mystery of the release and adds a little more excitement to the purchase.

The first two characters as you can see are a Minion Bot and also a Raphael Ninja Turtle Bot. Both are done in a way that represents their original characters but also includes a little of my own design and art style.

The release details are as follows.

Release location: Sekure D Webstore
Melbourne, Australia: Friday May 29th, 9:00AM AEST
New York, USA: Thursday 28th, 7:00PM EDT
San Francisco, USA: Thursday 28th, 4:00PM PDT
Price: $75USD
Units: 5 total, only 1 of each custom

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