Sekure D Podcast Episode 10 – Remember, you asked for this


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Man do I love this Episode! A lot of people asked me to have Paul Nguyen on the Podcast and it has happened! I was sick, the audio sketched out a little but it still came out as one of my favorite ever Episodes. Paul and I go way back and in this Podcast we cover a bunch of cool stories, Pauls love of AF1s and even fakes.

We got a bunch of feedback that the episodes were too short so I hope you like the longer format and make sure to subscribe in Itunes! Cheers guys

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Also if you like Paul you can find him on Instagram: @photomonk3y

2 thoughts on “Sekure D Podcast Episode 10 – Remember, you asked for this

  1. great pod! You guys went all “get off my lawn” but it was funny as. definitely looking forward to future episodes

    1. Appreciate the feedback dude, it was a really fun episode, no problems with hate if its humorous haha

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