Dark Knight Air Jordan VI


It has been a big weekend of Batman news after SDCC and rightly so, the Superman Vs Batman trailer looked amazing and it was actually this interpretation of the Batsuit, recreated from the Frank Miller Dark Knight Rises graphic novel that inspired this custom sneaker.

I get a lot of feedback from people that I am the comic or character customizer, which is fairly true I guess but it might then come to a surprise to a lot of people that I have never created an actual Batman custom. This is not because I have not wanted to or there has not been a commission for one, because there has been plenty, however I have always struggled to find a way to create one that properly captures my favorite parts of Batmans story. This being the darkness, grime and overall crazyness of Gotham.

Batman-VI-3 Batman-VI-2

Once I saw the Batsuit Ben Affleck was wearing I immediately came up with a custom and luckily enough a great commission came my way not long after. The grey striations and detailing of the new suit perfectly match one of my favorite prints to paint and to tie it all together we have tech detailing, a gold bat logo and of course, a lot of black. For this custom I also dyed the tongue of the Sports Blue Jordan VI grey and the Jumpman black to make sure it all looked perfect. It’s important to note that I still do not use an airbrush, it would probably really help with shoes like this but I still do all my fades with a brush and water.

I’m really happy with how these came out and it was great to be able to make them for a high school classmate.


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  1. Where can i buys them?

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