Bapemos Air Max 90

What’s happening guys? I have a new custom and its one I have been waiting a while to make.  Back in 2013 Atmos teamed up with Nike to create the Duck Camo Air Max 90 which is now going for insane money on eBay, upwards of $1500 crazy. Ever since I saw that shoe I have wanted to make my very own version including Bape camo, to me, it was the only thing I could think of to take the shoe to an even crazier place.

Bapemos AM90 (3)

Last week I was finally able to make it happen, as you can see my custom is very similar to the original Atmos collaboration however the camo has been altered to represent the Bape print. Also on the heels of my shoe instead of the Air Max 90 heel counter I have painted an infrared Bape Logo. My base Air Max 90 was almost all white so I had to paint the plastic tabs infrared and dye the tongue green then paint the camo. The insides of mine were also originally grey so I had to dye those black to match the Atmos version. I am really stoked with how these turned out, there is one pair in a 9US available in my webstore and remember for a commission hit me up via my contact page. Cheers

Bapemos AM90 (1)Bapemos AM90 (4)

Bapemos AM90 (2)

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