LVL UP NOW, my new sock label!


What’s happening guys? Very exciting news today and that is the launch of my new sock label LVL UP NOW. We are dedicated to designing socks that upgrade a sneakerheads outfit and make you feel like you are standing out, even if you are in your suit at work. The focus is to create a premium range of socks that do not detract from your sneakers but rather help take them to the next level.

The first range features four designs inspired by famous colorways and releases that will combine with an infinite variety of sneakers. All the socks feature elastane rib support to help keep them up, a combed cotton base to keep you dry and a full terry footbed for all day comfort.

As you know I am always trying to produce new things and I have been working on this for close to a year and it is so exciting to finally have it out on the market. Please visit the site HERE, I have heard they make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!



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