Featured Publications Update

What’s happening everyone? It was a crazy Christmas / New Years over here but I have been lucky enough to feature in some amazing publications and I wanted to give them each a shout out.

1. Globe Unemployable


unemployable-3           unemployable-2

This book is absolutely stunning. Outside of the incredible launch party I attended last year the book itself is absolutely brilliant. Jason, Globe, Sneaker Freaker and everyone involved in this masterpiece really outdid themselves. Its an honor to have my work and sneakers included in what is maybe the best documentation of Australian Skate history and the birth of a brand I have ever seen in Hardcover. Unbelievably this book is only about $80 as well, I was sure it was going to be closer to $200 so make sure you get out and get yourself a copy!!!!
GLOBE: Unemployable

2. Clutter Magazines


The folks at Clutter have always been supportive of my work and I appreciate it greatly. Recently their magazine has featured a monthly DIY column of which I have been a feature. Clutter is the definitive designer toy magazine so if you are into vinyl or toys make sure to check out their site and give them some support.

3. Jordan 30 Hardcover


Jordan-2           Jordan-3

How awesome is this feature! This Hardcover is produced by Size China and features some of the biggest Jordan Brand fans/ambassadors/influencers in Asia Pacific. I was honored to be included with my good friends Matt of Kickz101 and Mafia. Even though the book is obviously not in English its a great publication with a tonne of good photos, I managed to find it online so you can grab a copy from below
SIZE: Here

1 thought on “Featured Publications Update

  1. Unreal Matt 😀 Very impressive.

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