Sin City Customs

Despite the dirty taste left in my mouth by the second film Frank Millers Sin City is one of my favorite comic book series. Franks style and art direction match phenomenally and after reading the series the first time I knew I was hooked on comics and graphic novels.

What you might not know is I actually started to customize sneakers 10 or so years ago because of just how much I loved the books. For my very first custom I created a Hartigan Dunk High as I knew Nike would never make one and I really wanted it to exist, fast forward all these years and it is a theme I continue to be inspired by. Below is a look at some of the Sin City customs I have made over the years. Click on the images to enlarge them.

2006. Hartigan Dunk High


2006. Yellow Bastard

2009. Sinner


2011. Nancy


2011 Sin City Collection


2013 Sinner III


2013 Sinner IV

Sin City IV (3)


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