Sekure D x Converse x MRV


Hi guys! It has been a little while, I have been pretty busy so it is not because I have been slacking I assure you. Last week Converse offered me an amazing opportunity to create a pair of custom sneakers for the Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision foundation to be raffled off at Nick Rietwoldts 300th game at Etihad stadium.


The design itself is pretty simple, the idea wasn’t to create an overly complicated or graphic heavy sneaker but to simply represent the message of the foundation and the event. The laterals carry the two major pieces of branding for the foundation, the logo and the #FIGHTLIKEMADDIE, on the inside was “Rooey 300” to also tie in the significance of the game. The shoes werethe first prize in the raffle for the evening designed to raise money to help find a cause for bone marrow failure.

Thanks to Nikki and MRV for organizing such an amazing event and having me there to be a part of it.

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