LVLUPNOW x SBTG now available

Hi everyone! As you might know, I am working on a sock label named Lvl Up Now and I am very proud to announce that we have just released an epic collaboration with the one and only SBTG.


I have spoken a number of times in interviews about my friendship with Mark and how influential he has been in my development as an artist so it was very rewarding bringing this project to life. We have created some great customs together in the past few years but this project is something that everyone can get behind, because, everyone loves socks right?


The designs are representative of Mark and his signature style, bold Tiger Camo covers the socks from top to bottom with his infamous logo standing bold at the top. Created in a monotone as well as a crimson colorway to match many of team SBTGs most famous customs and collaborations. You can grab yourself a pair at the Lvl Up Now Webstore, the SBTG Surplus webstore and select retailers.


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