Roctopus Resin Figure


What do you get when you combine an alive stack of rocks and some octopus tentacles? A ‘Roctopus’ apparently…. This is the first run of a new sculpt I just finished, created and cast by myself.

Are they perfect? Nope. Are there bubbles? A couple. Did I at least paint them myself? You can bet your life on it that I did! Regardless of any perceived imperfections don’t be all snobby about it; they just give these little guys more ‘character’ and they aren’t catastrophic.

Rocktopus Rocktopus 3

The images here are of the 3 guys up for grabs this Tuesday, (Webstore Link) time zone conversions below:

Melbourne, Australia (AEST) 8AM Thursday June 2nd
San Francisco, USA (PDT) 3PM, Wednesday June 1st
New York, USA (EST) 6PM, Wednesday June 1st
Hong Kong (HKT) 6AM, Thursday June 2nd

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