East Point City Exhibition in Hong Kong


Hi guys! For the last month I have been working really hard on getting ready for the Sneakerholics exhibition at East Point City in Hong Kong. I was invited to travel over for the event and take part in the opening ceremony which was great. As you can see, about 20 pairs of my sneakers were on display as well as a killer assortment of sneakers from the ‘Sneaker Haven’ crew in Hong Kong.


Day 1 was media including interviews with Hypebeast and a number of other great publications and then it was onto the opening ceremony the following day. The exhibition was in conjunction with the classic Japanese arcade game Taiko no Tatsujin so there was tonnes of great character builds inside the exhibit. The games founders also flew in from Japan for the show and they were super nice, language barrier was pretty strong but I was able to show them the shoes that I made for the exhibition based on the game.


As you can see the shoes include graphics iconic to the game as well as a blend of my faded print. Amazingly the event also built a fiberglass replica of this custom that was as big as a small car, this is the first time I have seen this done at a show, wish I could have brought it home lol.


The second pair of shoes I created for the event was based on the theme of Olympics. We couldn’t use the rings so the shoe is designed in the colors of the Olympic rings with the midpanel being gold to represent a Gold Medal. Wanting to include more of my graphic style and since the Olympics is a games that’s designed to bring people together I thought that since Graffiti is what brought me to this event it was most suitable and also able to be executed in the same colors.


The final pair of customs made for the exhibition is based on the traditional Dragon Boat. I am really happy with how these came out, the scales are honestly a bit of a nightmare to freehand paint, especially in green but its totally worth it for this pair of shoes, The upper is draped in Green and Gold and the paneling of the shoe has been painted to best represent the structure of the boats.


Outside of this awesomeness I was also able to fit in a little bit of shopping, meeting up with artist Lord Master Prince at Vintage Vinyl Club and visiting Angel Abby HK were clearly the highlights but Ins Point is also on a whole other level. I won’t flood this post with a tonne of pictures of toys I purchased but you best believe there was a few. Overall it was a great 3 days in HK, thanks to the guys at East Point and Boxing Promotions for bringing me over.

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